Have you ever been in the middle of a deep conversation with someone else and just as you hit the rise of your story you hear a familiar ding coming from their purse or pocket? You both lock eyes momentarily as they try to hide their reaction, but you can tell the conversation no longer has the same luster as it did just seconds before.

You continue talking, but their eyes become glossed over because you know that you no longer hold their attention. The conversation feels rushed from that point forward. Sometimes they even go as far as to pick up their phone and tell you to hold on a second while they check it. Most of the time it ends up being unimportant and non life threatening, something that could have waited, but because we have the world at our finger tips we no longer have the patience to wait.

Now you feel torn between wrapping it up quickly or trying to bring it back to where it was before the interruption. Not only do you feel completely insignificant to this person, but your ability to tell them something important later on is 100% effected.

It’s crucial to remember that the conversation you’re in the middle of is just as important, if not more important, then the one that interjects. It’s easy to wave off the guy in the same room to pay attention to the incoming messages, but you shouldn’t do it. You should focus all of your attention to the one you’re in the middle of the conversation with. Give them all of you. Dont disregard their feelings or their importance in your life. Just as you should give the person on the other line your full attention too.

These multi conversations are distractions, getting in the way of your relationships and tainting them. Make sure to feed all of your relationships accordingly, and give each one of them your undivided attention. Take turns.


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