Expanding Business Ventures


I think of mostly everything in business opportunities. If I’m looking for something in the area and it’s not available, my mind instantly wanders to the possibilities. Just recently we were looking into a rock climbing gym, and discovered that we have only one option anywhere within 45 minutes of our house, and it happens to be a court club so it isn’t even a rock gym. My mind started wandering off to how I could build this business and how much it would cost me upfront to get it started. I do this with nearly everything.

In July I opened a music studio and do guitar/ukulele/general music classes for kids anywhere from 3-12, offering private lessons to anyone over the age of 12. It started off slowly but has expanded into full classes for each new session. It’s been extremely successful, and part of that is because no one else in the area offers this service. Around here kids learn music because they’re in band or from music class in school, and I decided they shouldn’t be limited to only these options. I find it important for kids to have the opportunity to discover their craft, and parents need the opportunity to let them.

I’ve been looking into expanding the service into an online platform so that I can reach more people. We’re not the only people with kids in a rural area that want their kids to have the option to learn an instrument. There are a lot of guitar lessons for adults, but not many programs that tailor specifically to children. I’m going to start with building the video tutorials for a beginner course, and offer an option to order a printed version of the book or download it directly to their computer themselves. I’m hoping to eventually expand this option into an app version, since children frequently spend time on electronic devices.

Although this is my main business venture, I’m also looking into other business ideas so that my eggs aren’t all in the same basket. I prefer low hours that provide the best income opportunity. I also prefer more of a business model that makes an impact, because I love to help people. Brainstorming some ideas but have nothing in particular in mind yet.


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