Forward Motion

2015-03-21 Edit
Titled: Letting Go
Sometimes you just have to sit down and touch base with your inner self. I’ve spent the last few weeks getting in touch with all the things I love to do but always say I never have the time for. I painted for the first time in 2 years, since the evening after my grandmother passed away. It felt so good just to let it all out. Since then I have painted 3 more.

I’m also experimenting with short stories and will be entering a contest. It’s really started testing me on my descriptive writing, preparing me for my first try with NaNoWriMo this November, where I will write a Novel in November.  Here is a bit of my short story…

Running through what was once a mountain full of lively green trees, now perished and burning to the ground, branches crackling beneath my feet, I can sense the space between us closing in. Beads of sweat beginning to formulate at the base of my neck, joining forces with the edge of my hairline; reminding me of the uncertainty that still lies ahead.

I’ve been spending a countless amount of hours at the coffee shop lately, while I practice getting out of the box with some writing prompts. I’m very nervous to try this, but I have always wanted to write a novel, and now that I’m decluttering distractions and making more room for the things that I really enjoy, I can do this.

We also took our kids on an 8 mile hike in the mountains to get away from electronics and to just be outside together as a family. It was a great time.

It pays off to keep moving forward!


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