Faults and Successes 

I wouldn’t say everything has been a complete fail, but because I’m human, I have had my moments. 

I’ve managed to not walk or bike to work a single day this week. I feel like I spent the majority of the week making excuses for why I wasn’t succeeding and then every day I would say I’ll just do it the next one and I never did. In fact, my bike is still on my trainer in the garage, so realistically it probably appears that I didn’t even try very hard at all. And I didn’t.

And I should, because those set backs are distractions in a life I prefer to be decluttered. If I would have taken the extra time to grab my bike off the trainer on day one and make sure the tires had air and my bag had a spare tube, tool, and air then I would have had a much better success rate I think. So I will continue to try for it with a better attitude and outlook. 

I have managed to make it the whole week not drinking Starbucks…

Until today. And then everyone at work was going on a coffee run and I felt like I needed to as well. I pondered all of this while holding a cup of folgers in my hand and then caved and got my 5 dollar drink. But I felt really guilty about it and so I don’t think it’s going to be something I will sway from again. 

After all of that though, I have managed to write in my notebook every single night. Even throughout the day. I carry one in my backpack and usually add something to it during my lunch and then again before bed. 

Anyways, for this trial and error, I believe that I have experienced both. So onward!

Oh, and make your self a list and let me know how you’re doing with yours.


One thought on “Faults and Successes 

  1. Love your honesty! It is so real and so many people can relate to it. Its the reason that personal trainers and nutritionists are so successful: people try and fall off the horse, try and fall off the horse, and they need a fresh perspective or someone holding them accountable. I think it’s so important that people read your post and know that every day is a new day. Keep going! You can definitely do this! P.S. I, too, wrote a post about minimizing Starbucks in my life and I’m so happy that I’m not alone!!! Thanks for sharing!


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