Too Many Ideas And Not Enough Action

Sometimes our to-do lists get so large that they become overwhelming. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve made lists only to stare at them for an endless amount of time and then decide I’d rather be doing something else. Anything else, actually.

Today I want to put into action some ideas and hold myself accountable if (possibly) I fail to accomplish them. I’d like to eliminate some things that spend too much of my money and take too much of my time. I’ve given myself about a week to come up with a list of these goals.

1.) Drive less – For small things like going to the store or going to work, which is only 1.5 miles from my house, I’d like to walk or ride my bike. I’m going to give myself one day a week that I can drive to work if I want.

2.) Cut back on Starbucks – I drink coffee from Starbucks anywhere from 5-6 days and it adds up over time, especially with their inflating drink prices. I can have one drink every other weekend.

3.) Borrowing from the library instead of buying – I have a bad habit of getting tangled in the rows of books and buying 3-4 books at a time every time I go to a book store. I still want to be able to enjoy a good book store at least once a month, so I’m going to give myself one day a month that I can spend up to $20.00 on books, and this is when I would I plan on drinking my coffee as well. Otherwise, I can check out a book at my local library.

4.) Donating the clutter – I want to go through my stuff and donate at least 3 things a day for the next 30 days.

5.) Writing – Write in my notebook at least once a day, whether it’s a quote, idea, or anything else that comes to mind, it doesn’t matter.

So, these are the things I will be putting action into, and I’ll be open and honest about how it goes here on this blog. Here’s to positive change and developing ideas into action.


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