So That’s Your Excuse Huh?

I spoke to a lady the other day that was talking on her phone, and as she was trying to multitask her transaction and talk, she ended up failing and had to tell them she would call back. But her farewell to them wasn’t you’re normal, “I’ll call you back in a few.” It was more like “I know you’re probably not going to believe me, but I will call you back. Give me about 5 minutes.” I never had the chance to know if she actually called them back or not, but I found it funny that it seemed to be a regular thing. After she hung up with them, she told me that she “sucks at calling people back.” And that she “just doesn’t have time for that.”

Then she proceeded to open up Facebook and scroll aimlessly on through.

That’s what we all do. We all think we don’t have time for things, but then we all do things like that, and then suddenly the realization is astounding.

So. Utterly. Astounding.

With the New Year just here, I’ve decided to make a few changes in my life and my journey to decluttering distractions.

I’ve decided to make time for things I enjoy. I won’t be pushing them to the back of the To Do list this year like I usually do.

I kicked off that change by taking my family snowshoeing twice already this year, and although the first weekend we got lost in the mountains, and the second we got our car so stuck we had to call the parents to come help us, it was so exhilarating to be outside trying new things and experiencing the basics of life. We all had a blast out there, and the view of the mountains was beautiful. Our end goal was to try out winter camping for the first time, but both weekends presented some struggles to that. We are hoping this coming weekend will be the one that let’s us enjoy that first time experience.

Here’s to hoping try number 3 is the lucky!



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