Basking In The Confines of Society.

It seems like the only way to live these days is through the eyes of other people. What if we stopped worrying about what the next-door neighbor has and sat down and figured out what living within our means really signifies? Living within our means feels like something more to me than just staying on a budget and giving up fun vacations with friends. It’s like teetering on the edge of something powerful, a chance to discover who we really are. When we’re living outside of our means we try to fill up all the empty spaces with stuff that doesn’t matter or have any significance in our life. We buy stuff that others find interesting; we build a life for someone else, and then wonder why we’re so unhappy after we’ve worked so hard for a life filled with other people’s hobbies. And generally after we’ve bathed in the desires of others and a small amount of attention has been paid, the stuff is then left in the drawer or closet until we give it away or sell it to the next victim that feels obligated to blend in with society, it’s a shame were wasting so much time on a life such as this, when we could be living one for ourselves.

I always find something about going back to the basics so captivating. When things are simple, everything else in life follows. Sometimes we waste so much time trying to figure everything out when all we really need to do is simplify it. I’m guilty of this most days. I spend a lot of quality time filling myself full of distractions and then wondering where the time has went. The time has gone exactly where I’ve placed it though, in meaningless stuff.

I don’t need to fill my garage full of stuff that I don’t plan on using after it goes out of season this year while I put my real interests on the back burner. It’s been a very long time since I stepped back and looked at the whole picture. Objects and keeping up with the Joneses is consuming my life, it’s sculpting me to be someone I don’t want to be. It’s everything I’ve always said I wouldn’t become, and it’s everything I’m becoming. And the worst part about it, is everyone is doing it. Everyone is becoming everyone else but themselves, and hopefully it’s not too late for them to find their self again. Hopefully everything that’s been broken can be mended; hopefully everyone can get back to the basics and find simplicity, even in such a chaotic place. It is there, it is waiting for you, you just have to reach out and grab it.


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