The Effects of Distractions

Have you ever sat down and thought about exactly how many seconds you waste in your lifetime doing nothing of any importance? If I combined the time I spend surfing the internet aimlessly with the amount of time I spend scrolling up and down on Facebook reading things I’ve read at least five times already, I’d probably say I waste at least 5+ hours a DAY. Which means in an entire week I waste nearly 2 full days doing things that mean nothing at all to me, or bring any significant value to my life, and then I spend the rest of my available time wishing I had more time for the things I enjoy doing. How ironic.

So after a long thought process, I’ve decided it’s best that I throw these insignificant things into categories and figure out their importance in my life. Would I rather read that new book I just can’t get around to, OR spend time staring at the same stuff every day? Are the somersaults my kids doing around the living room, while begging me to join in less important than the never-ending google search that has had me consumed for the past 3 hours? I don’t think so, I think I have my priorities confused, but taking action and figuring out how to change these bad habits is the hard part.

Relationships with people are becoming harder and harder to manage with all of the distractions readily available to us. I can’t sit in a room with 5 friends without someone pulling out their cell phone, which triggers the next one to follow, and then eventually everyone has stopped communicating and we’re all wrapped up in how exciting everyone else’s life is but ours. We start talking about so and so and what new gadget they’ve posted a picture of on social media, and then we awe over their most recent vacation in the bahamas, all while trying to figure out where we went wrong and why we can’t have a life like that. But when I stop and think about all of those things, I realize that we as a society are the problem, we are stopping ourselves from living a meaningful and adventurous life.

So it’s time that I get down on that living room floor and enjoy a couple somersaults with my kids, and read that new book thats been collecting dust on my book shelf, all before its too late and I realize I’ve wasted a quarter of my life on things that don’t matter at all to me. With only one life to live, its a shame anybody would want to spend their life wrapped up in any thing other than stuff they find to be of the utmost value to them.

So go out there, be adventurous, put down that cell phone and watch cars pass by while you breathe in that piercing winter air on a bench in the middle of a park. And while you’re there, make a list of all the things you wish you could do but haven’t had the time for, and then start making the time.


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